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Importance of Standard Luggage Locks and Safe Traveling Tips

At olden times, luggage locks were not deemed to be so mandatory as the threat for burglary was limited while traveling. It was left at the travelers’ discretion and most of them were not much serious about it. But, in the modern world of heightened security and increased threats, this is not the case. If you are preparing for an outstation trip, ensuring your luggage safety with featured luggage locks must be there on the priority checklist.


Choosing TSA standard luggage locks


Transportation Safety Administration (TSA), has put forth many strict regulations for the traveling folks to follow in order to ensure luggage security. The screeners at major international airport check-in counters routinely inspect the passenger luggage for compliance of these mandates. You have to use the locks known as TSA locks, which are not so expensive. TSA locks are made by meeting global standards and the authorized TSA screeners will have the master key to pen all TSA luggage locks.


TSA locks usually have combination mechanism and are small enough to fit into tiny locking holes or into the luggage zippers. There is a small keyhole also on the locks in which the TSA screeners can apply the master key. Another feature in modern TSA locks is that it will indicate if your lock is opened with a green light signal, which otherwise remains red.


TSA screeners check luggage in random, if using non-compliant luggage locks, you may sometimes go lucky if your luggage is not chosen for inspection. But if caught, the screeners are authorized to simply cut off the luggage lock and check the luggage.